10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

The hot summer days are upon us, but there are plenty of ways for you and your pup to play it cool.  Here are 10 ideas to help beat the heat.

  1. Avoid walking on hot surfaces.

Before you go on a DOG WALK, plan your route to avoid walking on hot surfaces like asphalt. If the pavement is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it’s definitely too hot for your dog. Instead, plan to walk earlier in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler out.

  1. Go for a swim.

The rising temperatures are a great excuse to go for a swim. Let your pup doggy paddle around the pool or play fetch in the ocean on your next beach trip. If you don’t have a pool, you can buy a kiddie pool for your pup to splash around in as an alternative.

  1. Get your dog a cooling vest.

For days you plan on spending hours in the sun, consider getting a cooling vest for your dog. These vests are designed to prevent your dog from overheating and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

  1. Run through the sprinklers.

Even though it’s hot outside, your dog still needs to exercise. Turn on the sprinklers in the backyard and let your pup run through the cool mist. Dry off your furry friend with a CAPE TOWEL.

  1. Never leave your dog in the car.

No matter what time of year it is, never leave your dog unattended in the car. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, car temperatures heat up incredibly fast, especially in the summer sun.

  1. Take a nap on the tile floor.

Flip on the A.C. and have your pup take a snooze on the tile floor. This will keep your dog’s belly nice and cool (which is important because dogs cool from the bottom up) and allow your pup to sleep comfortably.

  1. Make sure your dog is properly groomed.

Some breeds, depending on coat type, require professional grooming in the summer. If your dog has very long or thick hair, get your pup groomed to help to keep him cool all summer long. Even if your dog doesn’t have long hair, be sure to brush his coat regularly and always keep a look out for fleas and ticks.

  1. Give your dog a frozen treat.

Before you chase down the ice-cream man for yourself, don’t forget to pick up some doggie ice cream for your pup! You can also freeze your dog’s favorite TOYso he has something nice and cool to chew on.

  1. Build a sandbox.

Wet sand stays cool for days. If you have room in your backyard, build a sandbox somewhere in the shade for your dog to dig in.

  1. Always have cold water for your dog.

Keep cool water handy throughout the summer. If you’re going for a walk, bring a water bottle with you. Make sure you are aware of the SIGNS OF DEHYDRATION and monitor your dog’s water intake.
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10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

July 6, 2016