Cape Towel


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27" x 27"

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The Origins

Adventure Collection

Adventurers know that you can never be sure where the day will take you. From the bath to the beach, the swimming hole to unexpected downpours, you’ll be happy you have the Adventure Cape Towel ready to go. Fasten the comforting collar attachment around your dog’s neck, slip your hands into the two pockets, and quickly and easily dry off even the furriest animal. This machine-washable navy towel is a must-have for any pets and owners that spend more time outside than in. Measuring 27” x 27” our patented cape towels with collar attachment will help groom pets big and small.

Why Territory

Comfort for your friend

  • No matter what your dog dishes out, quality assurance is guaranteed
  • Bring home pet products with a fresh perspective in color, comfort and versatility
  • Not every pet brand is created equal; mark your territory wherever your dog takes you
  • And remember, every dog deserves their own territory


The Adventure Collection