Benefits of Walking your Dog

Walking the Dog Day is on February 22 and was designated as a reminder to take a daily stroll with your pup. Dogs need to get outside…and so do you. Sticking to a walking routine has many benefits. You should jump for joy when you see that leash too!

Walking benefits for you:

Hello, neighbor.

Do you even know those Joneses who you are keeping up with? We all live busy lives, but dogs make us slow down a bit. Exploring your neighborhood can give you a greater sense of community. You’ll gain knowledge of the area, discover new sights and even meet the people who live near you.

Vitamin boost.

Vitamin D can help fight depression. Turns out, the winter blues are a real thing. Exposure to sunlight for 20 to 25 minutes a day — the same amount of time it takes to walk your dog — prompts your body to make vitamin D.

Stepping out.

Tracking steps has become a gauge of physical health. Reaching a goal of 10,000 steps (approximately 5 miles) a day is easily attained when you have a dog that loves the outdoors. Use an activity monitor to stay focused on your progress and recruit your pup as a workout buddy.


Walking benefits for your dog:


The one-on-one time during daily strolls gives you the perfect opportunity to polish up on training with your dog. Practice obedience commands like sit, stay, come and heel. Teach your dog how to handle social situations when encountering other dogs, animals and humans.

Workout sesh.

Your pup needs to burn off mental and physical energy in a positive way (not on your new shoes). The outdoors is your dog’s gym. All of the environmental surroundings and fresh air are stimulating and exciting for your pet. A walk or run will make your dog happier and healthier…and leave your home in one piece.

Quality time.
Your pup probably bursts with excitement the moment you walk through the door. All that wagging, wiggling and jumping is because it’s finally playtime with the best person in the entire world (you, of course). Taking your dog for a daily walk demonstrates your commitment and love — and your dog will give that affection back, tenfold.


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Benefits of Walking your Dog

February 16, 2016