Exercise with your dog

January is National Walk Your Dog Month

You and your dog both need to get your sweat on to feel happy and balanced. January is National Walk Your Dog Month, so it’s the perfect time to get moving.

Why not burn calories as a team? A dog can be your best motivator — an ideal exercise buddy.

There are many fun reasons why you should workout with your pup:

  • Your pet will happily follow along and won’t bail on you at the last minute.
  • Workouts are guaranteed to be interesting and fun.
  • It will strengthen your bond and connection.
  • Your dog has a one-track mind and will push you out the door!

Tailor your workout sessions to your dog’s personality, breed, temperament, health and fitness level. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior. Watch for signs of exhaustion, overheating and dehydration.



Go for long walks. Walking your dog provides a variety of benefits including: an outlet to expel energy, mental and physical stimulation, social interaction and good training.

Choose a sport. Depending upon your skill level, your dog can join during hiking, biking, skating or swimming.

Let your dog walk you. Follow your dog as explores and runs after whatever catches his attention.

Play fetch. Don’t just stand there and wait for your dog to return. Run behind your pup as he sprints to retrieve a ball or Frisbee. Chances are you’ll both be whipped.

Master the stairs. Climb up and down flights at a quick pace with your pet and you’ll definitely feel the burn!


After a workout, make sure you properly refuel and rest. Reward your dog with a healthy treat like frozen blueberries or bananas and cool water. Create a place to relax wherever your workouts take you with an All-season Travel Blanket. Water resistant on one side and fleecy on the other, the Travel Blanket is the perfect outdoor accessory for you and your pooch.



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Exercise with your dog

January 20, 2016