Holiday gifts for your dog walker

As you’re preparing your holiday shopping list for your favorite people – don’t forget to say thank you to the person who helps take care of your furry family member. Here are some thoughtful ideas for your dog walker this holiday season:

A holiday bonus
Money is something everyone appreciates this time of year! Typically people tip an extra week’s pay, but that amount is entirely up to you based on your budget and how frequently you use your dog walker. You could also give an American Express or VISA gift card.

Outdoor accessories
A warm scarf, hat and gloves are all practical gifts that will keep your dog walker warm and cozy when out and about with your pup. One size usually fits all, and your dog walker can never have too many winter accessories!

Hand and foot warmers
This is a thoughtful gift for those cold, long walks. When your dog walker is waiting around for your pup, hand and foot warmers can help them beat the winter blues.

Personalized dog ornament
Any dog lover will go crazy for adorable pet ornaments to adorn the tree. Show your appreciation and spread the holiday cheer by shopping for personalized ornaments on Etsy. There are so many options to choose from.

To-go coffee mug
Your dog walker needs a caffeine boost to keep up with your little guy! A to-go mug is the perfect gift to help do just that. You can also include a gift card to his or her favorite coffee shop.

Chances are your dog walker has a dog of his or her own. Why not get them a stocking with a picture of their own dog on it? This gift idea is both festive and thoughtful – and you can include some fun stocking stuffers like Canvas Dog Toys or a new leash.

Dog treats
Replenish your dog-walker’s supply by buying new dog treats. They usually keep these handy to reward your pup for good behavior. Plus, if your dog walker has a dog at home, it could be a great gift for them too!

What are you planning on giving your dog walker this holiday?

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Holiday gifts for your dog walker

December 9, 2015