Meet the Breed: Golden Retriever

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities — from dogs that are ideal for protection to pups that are perfect for family life. There are approximately 167 breeds out there, not including mixed varieties. Each one is unique and they all deserve their own Territory, a familiar place where they feel comfortable and loved. Every month during “Meet the breed,” we’ll delve into the characteristics of a specific dog breed and the type of Territory that suits that pup best.

Meet the breed: Golden Retriever

golden retriever

The Golden Retriever was originally bred to help retrieve game birds during hunting outings. It’s a large, active, hard-working dog with a strong build that is very smart, loyal, eager to please, easy to train and loves to swim and fetch. These appealing qualities have also helped “the golden” become one of the most beloved pets. Distinguishing features include soft drop ears and a long, thick water-repellant coat in golden colors.

Two words: people pleaser

About me: devoted, obedient, highly trainable, intelligent, friendly, affectionate, athletic, playful, trusting, gentle and patient

Likes: learning, daily exercise, swimming, fetching, chewing toys (and anything that looks yummy), making my human companions happy, playing with kids of all ages

Dislikes: guard dog duties, aggressive behavior

Grooming: sheds often, thick coat requires regular grooming and brushing, bathe only when necessary to maintain natural oils in coat

Health concerns: hip dysplasia, obesity and cancer

Territory: wide-open spaces, a big back yard, dog toys for playtime, a spacious bed, durable leash for tons of long walks and a towel to dry off after swim sessions

How to adopt a Golden Retriever:

ADOPT A PET should be your first stop. It’s where shelters and rescues list their pets for adoption. You can search for a specific breed based on where you live, scan listings with photos and more information about each dog, and then contact that pet’s shelter or rescue to meet the pup.


Selecting a dog is a big decision. You are acquiring a best friend while becoming a dog’s permanent family member. It’s a life changing choice. Needless to say, you should consider many factors before welcoming a pup into your home. If a Golden Retriever isn’t your cup of tea, how can you find the best dog for you? ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS TO FIND THE IDEAL COMPANION.


Meet the Breed: Golden Retriever

May 26, 2016