Dog Bed

$24.99 - $35.99

Sizes for Black / White:

24" x 18"

30" x 19"

36" x 23"

42" x 28"

Sizes for :

Sizes for :

Sizes for :

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The Origins

Modern Collection

Designed to fit in most crates, the reversible Modern Sherpa Dog Bed is the perfect choice for the dog that knows what they want. Whether you’re getting cozy for a movie, or catching a nap before a walk downtown, beds keep your furry companions comfortable, and your home clean. Measuring 24”x 18”, 30″x19″, 36″x23″, and 42″x28″ this soft and fluffy bed is ideal for dogs and puppies up to 25lbs, 40lbs, 70lbs, and 90lbs.

Why Territory

Comfort for your friend

  • No matter what your dog dishes out, quality assurance is guaranteed
  • Bring home pet products with a fresh perspective in color, comfort and versatility
  • Not every pet brand is created equal; mark your territory wherever your dog takes you
  • And remember, every dog deserves their own territory


The Modern Collection