Pet Appreciation Week

It’s Pet Appreciation Week! Every day your dog lifts your spirits but doesn’t ask for anything in return. That’s why a week is set aside to go above and beyond the occasional belly rub. June 5-11, 2016 is officially designated as time to express your gratitude for your furry friend.

Celebrate your pup by making homemade treats, visiting a new dog park, buying new dog toys or playing extra-long games of fetch. What would make your dog feel special this week? Share a picture of your #spoiledpup on Facebook or Instagram and tag us for a chance to win a swag bag of Territory products!

Do you need ideas for ways to pamper your pup? We’ve come up with 8 fun tips. Or you can go to the extreme like these human companions. A dog can dream, right?


Bake a spoiled-dog cake.


Build a doghouse fit for humans.


Don’t forget the built-in swimming pool.


What should your dog wear today?

pet appreciation

Because walking is hard!


Every dog should nap like @otterthepitbull. Shop blankets.

nap blanket


Ultimate travel blanket for your dog

Fashion for your dog

Pet Appreciation Week

June 8, 2016