Road trip safety with your dog

A dog is the perfect copilot through life. However, while you are driving, a wagging tail can be just as distracting as using your cell phone. Before you rev up the engine on your next road trip with your dog, make sure you are following these safety precautions to prevent accidents and protect your pet.


Keep your head and paws inside the vehicle.

Dogs love to hang their heads out to feel the breeze. Even though this brings your dog delight, it is very dangerous. Put those windows up! Flying debris and other vehicles can be hazardous to your pet

Secure all passengers.

You are supposed to wear a seatbelt — shouldn’t your dog be restrained too? There are two ways you can keep your dog safe while inside the car. Put your dog in a pet carrier and place it on the floor of the vehicle behind the front passenger or driver seat; or have your pup wear a crash test certified safety harness attached to the back seat. Never put your dog in the back of a pickup truck.


Wear a leash.
Put a leash on your dog as an added safety measure. If you do end up in an accident, this may help you reduce the risk of your dog running away and increase the chances your dog getting rescued.

Pack up.

BYOW (bring your own water) and lots of it in case you get stuck on the side of the road. Packing your own water from home can also prevent tummy troubles from new water sources. Make sure you have all of the travel essentials you’ll need for a long trip like food, grooming supplies, vaccination paperwork, a leash and first-aid kit.

Look before you lock.

Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle. A car can heat up to a deadly temperature in a couple of minutes. Always remember to look before you lock your car doors so you never forget your pet.


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January 6, 2016