Tips to keeping your dog warm in the winter

Every dog loves the outdoors. Yet, during the frigid winter months, it’s a good idea to use precautions and limit your outside adventures. Keep your dog warm and healthy with these tips.

Bring your dog inside

Bring your dog inside.
If your dog usually sleeps outside, bring your pup indoors during cold snaps. Create a comfortable spot for your pup to rest with a soft bed and blanket. Make sure to clean your dog’s bed regularly, especially during the winter, since fleas hide in warm places. During your holiday travels, bring along a waterproof comforter to use as a bed on the go.

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Keep your dog dry and well groomed.

Give your dog a bath indoors. Use warm water and dry off your pup really well using an absorbent towel. Make sure your dog is completely dry before letting him or her outside. Tend to your dog’s coat — your pup’s source of warmth during the winter. Brush it regularly to prevent matted hair and keep hair trimmed in-between footpads to avoid ice build up.


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Walk on the safe side. 

Consider a shorter and safer route during the winter months. Always keep your dog on leash since it’s much harder to chase after a dog in icy conditions. Your dog can get the chills — just like you. If your pup is showing you signs of being cold, bundle him or her up with a sweater or jacket. Use booties to protect your pup’s paws; if your dog won’t suit up, check your companion’s footpads for cracks or ice build up after every walk.


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Tips to keeping your dog warm in the winter

December 16, 2015