Travel essentials for your dog

What to pack for a road trip with your pet.

Dogs can make great travel companions…they aren’t backseat drivers and you won’t hear them ask, “are we there yet?”. But dogs still have specific needs and not all breeds are suitable for long trips. As long as you think ahead and pack appropriately, you should experience a smooth ride with your pet. Follow our tips for traveling with your pup, check off these items on your dog-friendly packing list, and then hit the road!



If your pup is attached to a certain dog toy, bring it along. It will provide security and the comforts of home while in a strange place.


Food and water

Pack your dog’s dishes and make sure you have enough food and water to last the entire trip or confirm that you can purchase more once you arrive. Bring along your dog’s favorite treats so you can reward your pup for behaving on a lengthy trip.


Bedding and blankets

Your dog may have a difficult time adjusting to a new place. A comfortable spot to rest will alleviate stress and prevent homesickness. If you don’t have enough room to transport your dog’s bed, a Travel Blanket is a comfortable and portable alternative.


Traveling in a crate is the safest option as it helps prevent distractions while on the road. If your pup isn’t crate trained, help your dog get adjusted to one before the trip. The crate should be layered with a blanket and big enough for your dog to sit, stand and turn around. If you decide not to use a crate, don’t let your dog roam freely. Keep your pup in a harness attached to a seat buckle.
Leash, collar, tag and photo

Never leave home without them! You may not be able to predict how your dog will react to new surroundings, so be prepared in case your pup gets lost. To increase your chances of finding your pet, ensure your dog’s tags are current and consider a microchip for proper identification. Take a new photo of your dog, store it on your smartphone and print it out.


Grooming supplies

Put together a traveling kit with shampoo, a brush and towel. Bring along a pet hair remover, especially if you are visiting family and friends who would appreciate it if no evidence were left behind.


First-aid kit and medication

A basic first-aid supply kit for your dog should include gauze rolls, gauze pads, tape, antiseptic wipes or spray, an ice pack, scissors, tweezers and a pet thermometer.


Emergency contacts and paperwork

Create a list of emergency contacts including your veterinarian, the nearest emergency-vet clinics and a poison-control center. In a Ziploc bag, store your pup’s paperwork including vaccination status and medical records.


Waste scoop and plastic bags

Because it happens!


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December 30, 2015