Why Dogs Should be on a Leash

We know you and your dog are excited to get out and enjoy the warm spring weather. But before you do, it’s important to make sure your dog is wearing a leash. In a perfect world, you’d never need a leash – but in our world, they help. Here are 5 important reasons why you should strap on your dog’s favorite Nylon leash before your next walk:

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  1. It keeps your dog safe

It doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is – there are always unpredictable situations that you may encounter. Squirrels, sirens, the infamous mailman… you never know what you may come across on your walk that may alarm your dog. Having a leash on is the only way to have some control over the situation.

  1. Your dog could eat something they shouldn’t

Along your walk, your dog may eat something they aren’t supposed to. Having them on a leash can help avoid this from happening. Even if they do scoop something up, you’ll be able to quickly remove the object from their possession, rather than chasing him around when chances are it will be too late. Before you venture outdoors, be sure to check out our previous post to familiarize yourself with what your dog should not eat.

  1. Not everyone likes dogs

Not everyone is as much of a dog-lover as we are. Many people are fearful of dogs, and if your dog runs up to them during your walk, you may be held liable (especially if there are leash laws in your area). When unfortunate incidents occur, you could be responsible for your dog’s actions, including some very steep medical bills. The takeaway here is: avoid the liability by keeping your dog on a leash.

  1. Other dogs may not be as friendly

Just because your dog is friendly, doesn’t mean that all dogs play nicely with others. While taking your dog on a walk is a great way for your pup to socialize, some dogs can be very aggressive. If your dog isn’t on a leash, he or she may approach an unfriendly dog that could become defensive and lash out on your dog. Keeping your pup on a leash can help avoid these unexpected situations and behaviors.

  1. It’s (usually) the law

In most areas, it is the law to keep your dog on a leash. To find out if there is a leash law in your area, check your local municipality – or just stay on the safe side and keep them on a leash in the first place!






Why Dogs Should be on a Leash

May 11, 2016